Widget camera actor view

Hi everyone,

So I am playing with the widget blueprint inside my archviz level. I created without any problem, with the help of the epic tutorial, my main menu with setting resolution and also a pause menu.

I am now working on an widget that allow to navigate between camera actors. So far everything is working, I can jump inside the widget and play around all my camera that I set in the widget blueprint and level blueprint, but I got only one issue. When I quit the widget and resume the game mode my character is locked to the camera and I don’t have any movement available. I tried a lot of blueprints options but I didn’t find the solution. I think it is something inside the camera itself because the resume button in the widget is the same that I used inside the main menu and pause menu and they work perfectly.

here some pictures of my blueprints

Level blueprint :

Close button widget blueprint :

views settings in the widget blueprint :

this is the result (everything is working except the close button that I explained above) :

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi guys,

I posted this thread just before the forum maintenance. Now that everything came back to normal, I Hope someone can help me :wink:

Thanks you in advance!

Using the logic that probably I need to set back the camera view to the camera inside the first person character blueprint. I tried to cast to it and active the camera inside the blueprint but it didn’t work.

here the example

I went inside the cameras view setting to see if there is something that block character movement, but I didn’t see an obvious settings to change.

I also tried a new blueprints settings using cast to GameMode node like in this thread This allow me to remove the Call widget node from my settings but it didn’t resolve the main problem.

I still don’t know how to resolve this. any clue?

here my new setup

Level Blueprint

Widget views setup

Hi everyone,

Nobody have any clue or an idea of how I can resolve this issue? I must have done something wrong or missed something because some other archviz artist have made this before, but I didn’t see any tutorial about this. I would appreciate any opinion about the subject that may help to find the solution.

thanks again!

I have been trying to replicate this for a particular scene and for the life of me cannot get it to work. I am new to UE4 and started with the included first person example ( not sure if that is why none of this is working). I have been here:
and everywhere in between searching for thew past two days but cannot get this to work.
Here is my widget BP: Widget.JPG
Here is my Level BP: LevelBp.JPG
I am very new to all of this so please excuse me if I am missing something stupid simple. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.