Widget buttons pressed in a sequence to open door

I’ve created a widget with a series of buttons wtih letters attached to them, the goal here is a word search puzzle, once the player clicks on the individual letters that forms the word I want to be able to open a door. I have tried looking everywhere but I only found bits of information that really just confused me even further. If anyone out there has information on this you’ll be my guardian angel forever.

Thank you

There are many ways you can do this. Two that I just thought up are:

  1. Branch nodes and booleans. A boolean variable for each letter say for example “Apple”
    Press A key on widget, set “A pressed” boolean to true, next key pressed is P, set “P1 pressed”, execution continues till the end. If the player selects “F” for example, it will clear all boolean values back to false they will have to restart with “A”. If the player selects a letter out of order the prior boolean would still be false like A then L, the L branch would check if the “P2 pressed” boolean was true, it won’t be so it will execute the false output and clear all boolean values.

Other option (probably more scalable)

  1. Each button pressed it associated with a string letter. Have two variables of type string the first is “Final Word”, the second “Answer”(you set this to whatever the word is you want to open the door). After each button is pressed “append string” and add “string letter” (associated with the widget button) to “Final Word” variable. At the end of input check if “Final Word” == “Answer” if true open door, if false, set “Final Word” to “” (empty), and start again.

thank you for your reply I’ll get to it straight away, I’m assuming this is done in the widget graph editor?