Widget buttons Onreleased/OnHovered Events not firing while mouse button is Pressed (held) Down


I am trying to create a vertical menu of widget buttons (options) that pops up when you press and hold the mouse button while over a widget button.

So I have the menu popping up on Mouse Button Press (being held) but when I then hover over a widget button from within the pop up menu, non of those buttons “events” are triggered. (like OnReleased, OnHovered, etc)

As the images try to show… Ideally what I would like is for the user to press the mouse button over the first widget button, then the popup menu opens with 3 widget buttons inside (I have up to here working currently), then move the mouse (while button is held/pressed) over one of the popup widget buttons and “onreleased” (of the mouse button) trigger the widget button that the mouse is over.

Sorry I know this is a bit difficult to explain but if anyone can help it would be appreciated!