Widget Buttons and Text Boxes Don't Work Even Though Input Mode is Game AND UI

In my game I have a simple widget that consists of a single button, and a text box. When the player presses 5 on the keyboard, the widget is added to the Viewport, the Mouse Cursor is made visible, and the Input mode is set to Game And UI.

When I go to test this however, the widget’s button cannot be clicked on, nor will hovering over the button do anything (normally, hovering the mouse cursor over a button will make it slightly brighter). I also cannot click into the Text Box to type in. I have made sure of the following:

1: Both the Text Box and Button are enabled.

2: There is nothing obstructing/in front of the Widgets that would prevent me from clicking on them.

I have also opened a blank project in an attempt to recreate this issue. However, I couldn’t do so, as the button and Text Box worked in the new project (I used the exact same Widget blueprint and copied the code above!).
Does anyone know what I’m missing here? Is there any other reason the Widget would not register my mouse’s input? Could a project setting potentially be the culprit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I see what I’ve done now. I’ve had an entirely separate widget with a ZOrder of 1 (Used for nice fades to black) where the ZOrder of the widget I was trying to click on was 0. Silly mistake on my part. I’ll mark this question as answered.