Widget Button To Fire Continuously

Hi all,

Another hopefully simple question.

I have buttons in a widget to rotate an actor in my scene, I have them set up on pressed to add 10 degrees and pass that on to the actor BP to update the rotation via custom events.

I was hoping however to try have it so once the button is held down the object would continually add 1, send that through the custom event, delay and loop over till I released the button.

I had some loops set up but wasn’t getting a result, I even had an “infinite loop” warning in one method I tried.

Would anyone be able to spout a method off from the top of their head?

Many thanks and I’ll post images of my BP once I’ve tried some more.

probably the easiest thing to implement would be to use a gate which opens on button pressed, closes on button released, and has a entry of tick. it may not be the best method out there but its the simplest to implement. i tried to make some implementations with timers or custom loops but they were jittery.