Widget Button OnReleased doesn't work

Hi Guys, I have problems with the event “OnReleased” of a Button in a widget. I created a button in the widget and added the events “OnClicked”, “OnPressed”, “OnReleased” and “OnUnhovered” like you can see in the image below:

Then in the Level Blueprint I created a function with a Timer that everytime that I press the button, makes rotate an object. When I release the button it should Clear the timer and Stop the rotation of the object, but it doesn’t work. The Rotation stops only when I Unhover the button but not when I release it.

So I don’t understand why the OnUnhovered event works and not the OnReleased event.

Any clue of what is happening or what am i doing wrong?

Thank you so much!


Hi guys, finally i found a solution. I stop using the Onreleased Event, and instead of that i create a variable called “Rotation Status” and connected to a branch that evaluate if the button is pressed or not. In case if is not pressed then stops the animation.

Here is the Blueprint if someone need it.