Widget button only works once

Hi ^^
I feel like I am overlooking something.

I have a button that only seems to work once, when you go back to it it no longer activates what it is supposed to activate.

This is the code of the button on the home screen that leads to the list:

This is where the home screen button lead to and creates the list:

This is the code for the button that leads back to the home screen:

But then when I press the home screen button again, the list it created before no longer appears and it just remains empty.

Once again, thanks for your time and helping a beginner out ^^

That’s because you have to bind to the event every time you create a widget, because it’s going to be an entirely new object, and the binding to the widget you create on BeginPlay doesn’t do anything anymore.


Worked like a charm, thanks so much.
I didn’t know you needed to do that. Learned something new. Thanks for helping me out, it really helps.
Thank you. :smile: