Widget button not working when attached to First person character

What I am trying to do:
I have a PDA device that is an Actor that I want to be displayed in front of the first person player’s camera, and when it is, we want to enable the cursor and allow the player to interact with it.

What it does currently:
The mouse cursor appears and the hover portion of the UI functions, but the buttons do not function when using the mouse click. Nothing happens when clicking the buttons in the widget. If it is attached to the player.

I have placed the device in the world and activated with the mouse and with the crosshair using the widget Interaction in the first person character.
I can confirm that the UI device functions with no issues in the world as long as it is not attached to the character. As soon as I attach it to the character the click function ceases to work.I have tried relocating it’s orientation, the distance, turning off and on collision preferences for all collision objects attached to the character, recreating it from scratch. Nothing makes the mouse able to click the buttons.

Please help.

This is a long shot. Open the character blueprint and locate AutoReceiveInput in the ClassDefaults. Is it Disabled?
I’m thinking that the character or one of its components may consume the input before it reaches the 3d widget.

Could you post a screenshot of the character’s component hierarchy with the 3d widget component attached in the desired position.

Here are two screenshots one showing the class defaults and one with the PDA actor selected. The input was disabled but changing it to player zero did not seem to have an effect. Thank you for the help!

Can you confirm that the ReceiveHardwareInput in the WidgetComponent is disabled?

Also, in the WidgetInteraction component, ensure that the interaction distance is high enough and the interaction source is set to mouse.

Omg thank you! The Recievehardwareinput was the issue. Disabling that allowed it to work just fine. Once again thank you.

Awesome! Consider marking it answered. Helps others find the solution quicker!

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