Widget button dosent work

I have the same problem.
definitely missing a simple step … but I can’t find the solution.

I have to somehow call the custom event ‘“Click_Telaio_Black_Custom”’.

But how and from where?

Thank you all.

Widget Design:

Widget Blue Print:

Level BluePrint:

may be help you click here

Those buttons don’t even look like they will show up unless you have some animation to bring them within the viewport. They look completely outside the canvas panel. If the issue is with the event dispatchers though then check out video #26. I explain what the dispatchers are and how to use them.

thank you Sendy50 ,for your precious help.
Now it also works by simplifying everything … and only because you have confirmed to me that I was not doing everything wrong and the concept was basic equal to quant opensavo.

I “touched” the PC_VR widget of the product view … and as soon as I clicked descktop … my dispacher stopped working …

but if you didn’t convince me that the road was right or similar … I was still searching!

Thanks a lot !!!

It was just my mistake, I had touched the PC_VR widget, basically before pressing descktop … it worked … after all my widget stopped working … I guess because of a remove from parent