Widget button doing a seizure thing on hovering

I have a game with some widget buttons and i have a problem.
When i hover over the button, it does the specified action perfectly. But if i just kinda hover the corner just a bit then it does that action like 100 times/second like it’s having a seizure. And if i keep doing that for about 10 seconds the entire game engine goes rogue on me. I am concerned that leaving this will lead to crashes or something when people experiment with the “sort of funny” button spasms.

Is there a way to limit this action to like Once/per second ? Something similar to that “DoOnce” node in Blueprints?

you could use a delay node at the beginning of your hover logic. Set the delay to like .05 or something

Are you using windows scaling? It could cause such an issue. Does this happen in a packaged build aswell?