widget button animation issue

My button animations make the button return in bigger size than it originally was before the animation was played even though the button has not been scaled incorrectly.

I scale the buttons by 1.0 // 0.8 // 1.0 each indicating its own key frame, start, middle, and finish. So the button will always return back to its original size at the end. But in this case it doesn’t.

I don’t know why this is, it sounds pretty much impossible to happen, unless I had scaled one of the keyframes to be bigger than the original size is.

This is very easy to reproduce:

  • Make a simple button in widget with some kind of image.
  • Make a fast simple animation for the button with three keyframes. Start scale: 1.0 // Middle scale: 0.8 // End scale 1.0
  • Make blueprint code so that when clicked, it plays your button animation.
  • Now go and test it out, the button should play once when clicked, and return in bigger size than originally it was before pressed. In order to help you see the difference, put something next to the button to measure the scale.