Widget blueprints


Does anyone know of any good tutorials for Widget Blueprints?

I am trying to create an ‘in-game’ menu to add to a static mesh. Essentially I would like to be able to click on a static mesh and a menu appear with various information about the mesh that I would add in myself.

e.g. The static mesh is a building and when I click on it, a menu opens up with options to look at the building floor plans, a gallery ‘button’ to look at pictures of the building, and another ‘button’ that opens up a ‘documentation’ file that gives you information about the building.

From what I have seen, I think I need to use a Widget Blueprint to do this, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks


Yup, what you’re looking for are Widgets. What I would do is create a blueprint for the building in question. In that BP, add an On Clicked event, create the relevant widget, and then add it to viewport. In the widget itself, you’d add what you like (like the gallery/floor plans) and a return button that would remove the widget from parent.

Thanks Mookiez.

I’m fairly new to Unreal, so only some of this makes sense at the moment! :smiley:

Do you know any decent tutorials on Widget Blueprints that would show me this process?

you should perhaps start with the basic (yeh I know it can be less fun, but it help to learn thing in very small and simple piece, before making real thing)

else I think looking into the following video is your sesam. (it’s barebone, but you have a lot of thing you need for what you are looking for. I’m sure there are certainly tuts more fucused into archviz things but I don’t know them. try some research on youtube)Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial (BP) - Communicating between widgets and blueprints with Event Dispatchers - YouTube
else if you don’t know anything look also for some UMG tuts, cause that what I think you’ll need for making most of your elements (displaying menu, image, etc…)

Hi Sylvain,

My YouTube Library currently has 300+ UE4 tutorials in it, so i am definitely starting at the beginning with the basics! :smiley: But i couldn’t find a decent tutorial on Widgets, so thought i’d make use of the forum!

Thanks for sending the link, i will watch it when i get a chance.