Widget Blueprints disappear in Actor Blueprint viewport when compiled.

To clarify: when compiling a widget blueprint, the widgets disappear in the actor blueprint viewport that they are a component of. I’ve tried toggling visibility and draw options, removing and re-adding the reference from the widget component and restarting the editor. My current workaround for this issue is to delete and recreate the widget component from the actor blueprint. Both the widget and actor blueprint are without logic in their graphs.

I’m fairly new to UMG, so I’m not sure what additional, specific information I should include in this post.

Same here. I have a blueprint comp. with a mesh and a widget added to the mesh. After every restart of the engine i have to delete and add the widget again.

Having the same issue, thought I was going crazy.

Quick update to this topic: the visibility issue seems to have sorted itself out for the most part as I’ve continued working on the widget blueprints. I’m still having visibility issues from time-to-time inside the actor blueprint, but it’s in a much more workable state now.

One thing I’ve done that may have affected it: I’ve added some visibility functionality (set hidden in game) to the widget inside the actor blueprint, as well as messed around with keying visibility states within animations for individual widget blueprint components. None of this should have affected it’s visibility in the actor blueprint viewport, but who knows? I seem to have shook something loose in the engine. :]