Widget Blueprint - Widget Tooltip - Widget Blueprint Not Bindable (Possible bug?)

Not able to bind a widget blueprint anymore in UE5. Anyone know what the workaround is for this, or is it a bug? The bind option should be there (see screenshot)

Here is what it looks like in UE4:

Same issue on my end. Bump.

Same here. Hopes there will be some fix soon.

I was about to post the same question, this is badly needed.

I now use OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave to manage my tooltips.
Works ok.

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This is driving me nuts. Is there a workaround fix we can make to the source?

The only workaround I could come up with without modifying the engine source code was to do what Japualtah also did which is just creating an “OnMouseEnter” event to handle the tooltip

I was able to do this. You’ll need to use C++.

if (const auto Widget = NewObject<UUserWidget>(this, EffectTooltipWidgetClass))
	if (const auto Tooltip = Cast<UEffectTooltip>(Widget))
			InGameplayEffect->GetDisplayName(), InGameplayEffect->GetDescription()


There’s no way of doing it currently in blueprint.