Widget Blueprint to Widget Blueprint help

I’m creating a game that uses basically all blueprints to work.
I’m trying to get my bottom right button to play an animation in it’s sister blueprint. Both widget blueprints are inside “BeatLevelOne” widget blueprint.
I have tried using Event Dispatchers, and calling the custom event. Neither have worked.

Inside my Bottom right button I have a coin counting loop. After my button counts the coins it exits it’s loop. So done with coins is posed on screen.

PlayCoinsInAnim is inside my second widget for a layout of a scoreboard. I’m using this even to play 1 animation that moves the Coins value to a location.

In the Event Construct of the second widget I have my Bind Event. BLOBR is posted on screen. PLAYSCOREINEVENT is never posted on screen.

Why doesn’t the Call Coins Counted Disp work?
Why doesn’t the call Play Coins In function work?

What is the best way to get 1 widget to be able to do things in a second widget?

Bind Event should be done in OnInitialized and not in Event Construct.