Widget Blueprint not visible in-game

Obviuesly it won’t apper out of nothing :stuck_out_tongue: You first need to spawn the widget:

And add it viewport:

You can do it in PlayerController Begin Play

I am brand new to UE4.

Why is my widget blueprint not visible on the screen?

My Steps:

  • Create new empty project
  • Create new widget blueprint
  • Create all the buttons and text inputs and etc that you see on the right.
  • Push play

But, nothing from that blueprint is visible.

According to this guide:

I should see my PlayFabApiTest widget gui in the main screen.

I know I’m missing something basic, but I can’t find the guide or an answer that tells me what I’m missing.

I managed to do this in the LevelBlueprint.

open up your level blueprint
and on event begin play drag execution pin and type "Create widget " choose your class then right click and search for add to viewport to spawn your widget on screen …
don’t forgot to attach execution pin…
and Now you successfully created your widget and add to viwport…