Widget Blueprint Inside another Widget Blueprint Issue

I have a Widget, works fine. We’ll call it the Main Widget. I have another widget with a menu of buttons that I want loaded inside the main widget, we’ll call this “Sub Widget”. I’ve loaded it by selected it inside the main widget under “Palette > User Created”. It loads into the main widget just fine, but the problem is how do I access the buttons from the Main widget?

I would like to access the “On Clicked”, “On Hovered”, etc., buttons that are loading inside the main widget. But when I select the Sub widget that is under the “Graph” section, and I drag it into the Event Graph, I pulled out a node for one of the buttons but I can’t access its “On Clicked” functions or other functions. What is the best way to get these buttons events from inside Main Widget?


Adding an event dispatcher named ‘on clicked’ (or w/e you want to call it) in the custom button widget should work.