Widget Blueprint cant Read its own Variable Properly

After i spend quite some time trying to fix my bug, i spend just a more time writing a detailed description of my problem. Unfortunatly said post couldnt get posted so it just got deleted. And thats why ill keep this one short.

My Problem is that i have a Variable that is an Object Reference of an Actor Component inside a Widget Blueprint, that pulled an Electron like prank on me. Meaning this variable when checked, with the “is valid” Note, returns True, if the Note is inside a Blueprint different from the WidgetBlueprint it originates from, and False, if it is chekced from inside said WidgetBlueprint.

Check from inside :

Check from outside:

The Variable in question is set as “expose on Spawn” and is set then porperly(probably):

The Event shown above (Setup) is the only Event spawning the Widget and is, as youre able to guess from the “self reference” Note, inside the Actor Component. This Component is only attached to the Character Blueprint where the Setup Event as well as the EventTick from picture 2 is called from.
The Results of all prints would always be “true false false false” in an intervall of 0.2 secconds + delta secconds.
It prints 3 time false because i have 3 Instances of the Actor Component inside the CharacterBlueprint.

With that basically everything important should be said, i hope my spelling errors,grammar,typos and explanations dont bother you to much.

Thank you for your help! :smiley:

After checking the problem over and over I realized, that I had overlooked a small detail while building my Interface.
This lead to me no longer needing the part i showed above, as it is. After moving everthing into different Blueprints, making/having different References, it all started working as intendet. So long story short, I´m no longer in the need of an answer. However, because I already opend this thread and there might be someone having the same problem, I decided to look into it once more. So I double checked my new Blueprint communication and compared it to the one posted above. And didnt seem to find differences except for the references beeing different and the WidgetBlueprint beeing spawned from a different WidgetBlueprint throug its Graphictab, as it is a part of said Blueprint. This problem migth be something that needs further checking, for people experiencing something similar.

Still my problem is solved, thanks to those who read this Post. :smiley: