Widget Blueprint: Buttons do not work

I am pretty sure I am doing something really basic wrong but I can not figure out what.
I have a Widget Blueprint with some Buttons assigned. But these Button neither fire their OnClick Event nor they even show up their hovered or pressed state. I already checked that they are enabled. There is only a text assigned to the Buttons but these are set to “Self Hit Test Invisible” so they defenitely should not block the click or something. Also the Buttons are set to enabled. Furthermore I already have some Buttons in some other Widget Blueprints which are working just fine.
I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what may be wrong with my setup.

Hi. Just to be sure. Have you look if there any widget over your buttun. I mean… sometime you can have set the ZOrder too high , so like this you’re not pressing the buttun under but you’re pressing the widget with the ZOrder higher. Or it depend how you’ve placed all your things in the UI