Widget animation playing on editor

Hello guys,

I have a Blueprint that triggers an UMG Widget animation when it receives an event. This UMG Widget is inside of a Child Actor component, on a Character in the world. I’m triggering the animation via a Level Sequencer event, and actually everything works fine in Play mode.

The thing is, I’m interested on testing the functionality in editor mode, since I want to see how the animation triggers in the level sequence without entering Play mode. However, the animation is not triggered if I play the sequence in the editor.

I have debugged each step of the blueprints in order to find the problem. I have found that all events are triggered correctly in the editor, and the problem happens when the execution enters the function “Play Animation with finish event”:

There is no errors, and the log doesn’t say anything. The only thing that ‘doesn’t happen’ is that the blueprint execution never gets to the Finished event (and I don’t see any widget animation).

My assumption is that maybe the animation never ends because the UMG doesn’t know anything about the time evolution in the editor, or something like that? This is strange however, because I have triggered animations in skeletal meshes in the editor, and they work fine.

Do you have any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I have discovered that I cannot see the widget component rendered in the editor, even without playing any animation. I’m starting to think that I’m missing something basic about the UMG system in Unreal. Do you know guys if it is possible to visualize a widget in a child component of an actor in the editor world, without being in the Play mode?