Widget Anchor position in Blueprint?

Is there any way to set the Anchor position / type for Widget created in Blueprint?

Anchors are a Canvas thing; for as long as a widget’s parent is a Canvas, one can fiddle with the slot it’s in:

Not sure what you mean by type - anchors are just 4 floats. The slot gives you position, size and alignment; and more - depending on the slot. Some slots are slotter than others.

Thanks, I already found Set Anchors unless it’s called something else but only sets a Min and Max value. I guess type might not be the best choice of word but the Left/Right/Center etc.

That’s what it is. This dropdown is just a combination of the numbers below it. Is there something specific you’re trying to achieve and it’s not working out?

No thanks I’ve got it. Had the values greater than 0-1.

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