Widget - able to change 'Hidden' to 'Visible', but not the other way around

Hey guys,

I create a WidgetBlueprint and place a widget in it (example: a Border). In its Behavior settings, I set the Border Visibility to Hidden.

WidgetBlueprint with Border Set to Hidden:

Then, during the game, I can call SetVisibility on this Border to set it to Visible (for example, from an input key inside my Character blueprint). I works fine.

Character blueprint that changes Border visibility:

But if I do the same, but instead set the Border to start out as Visible in it’s Behavior settings, and then during the game I call SetVisibility on it to set it to Hidden, it doesn’t work…

WidgetBlueprint with Border Set to Visible:

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Tried this again in v4.22.3 and it’s now working. But it might have been fixed in v4.22.2 or v4.22.1… because I just now tried this again in 4.22.3.