Widescreen Vive VR preview window needed!

Hi Epic developers, would that be a big effort to make Vive VR preview window widescreen??
There are lots of people and studios that are presenting their stuff on the projectors and large TVs and the current Vive VR preview doesn’t fill the widescreen aspect ratio.

If you could make it for 4.14 version, that would be cool! It’s really needed.

Thank you

Have you tried using the SteamVR Display Mirror functionality? It puts the Vive output in its own widescreen window that you can customise and put wherever you want.

Thanks Crow87, that doesn’t do the job. We need full screen without double vision. Left and Right eye looks same as the current Vive VR preview window.
Oculus rift doesn’t have that issue, its just Vive. I would like Epic to fix it.

Thanks AtsK, but this require to recompile the unreal engine and knowledge of C++, then you have to do it with all new upcoming versions as well… non-sense.

I want Epic to fix it once for all.

Andreas made a video tutorial!!

Now I am waiting for Epic to put it in!

I was about to do a pull request for this, thankfully there already is one:

Submitted over two months ago… Hopefully it makes it in sooner rather than later.