wich graphic card should be used?

hi :slight_smile:

im using an older (7 years old) graphic card in an pc (amd 8-core, 16gb ram) with an huge scene and lots of substances.
but now the editor crashes with the error “video runs out of memory”…

so i think, i have to buy an better / newer video-card, which could handle lots of substances with an good frame rate.
( and unfortunatley i could not spend 300 euros or more for this card).

can anybody give me an good direction for an buy?

thanks a lot for an answer !!


I recommend nvidia gtx 970. It might be a bit too costly for you, but it has great performance/cost value.

hi jonimake,

thanks a lot!

i will check it out.

Nothing other than 970.

hi Maximum-Dev,

i think 4gb should be enough for my substances :slight_smile:


Make sure to check out this thread to get a good overview of the gpu’s that the community uses -> :slight_smile:

hi fighter5347,

thats very cool… thanks :slight_smile:

You might take a look at the R9 380. It has 4GB of memory, and is the most recent tweak to the AMD lineup before Fiji. And for 200 bucks, it should blow your old card out of the water. Of course, It competes with the 960s from Nvidia, which is quite powerful, and a bargain to boot.

I’d go for a R9 290x (or 390x) or a 980 ti.

UE4 can run on cards less than that, but if you have the cash just get the best of the best that way you won’t have problems.

~ Jason

hi Jason,

thanks for your cards (real monsters)!

i think i will wait just a little bit…
and after all,
i will buy an second hand nvidia gtx 970 :slight_smile:


by the way… an last question:
when i create an ue4-game optimized for an 4gb-gpu,
must the user/gamer (after publishing) own also an gpu with 4gb
to play my game in an good framerate (or is during publishing-process an method
avaiable, that people with an “older graphic-card like mine” can play my game also?

When you are optimizing the game, there are tools available that allow you to see how much memory you are using. Since your game is unique, there is no way to automatically optimize for your game, so you will have to manually create presets. This ussually corresponds to something like High, Med and Low. You have to choose what those targets are. So Low maybe 1GB of memory, Med maybe 2GB and High 4GB or more.

But you also have to figure out how much performance a card with on 1GB of memory has, as well as 2GB and 4GB, so AAA titles ussually allow minute tweaks of settings in their Graphics options. You have to choose what level of exposure you want to give to each setting.

So, one strategy is to create multiple sets of Textures, or texture levels that can be changed at runtime. But all of this has to be done by the developer. And the best way to know if your game runs on a system is to just test it. This is where alpha and beta testing comes in, it is more than just trying to attract attention, it is absolutely necessary for your games success.

There is also the 960 4gb edition. It’s a pretty cheap and good card.

Just to add on the what BillDStrong said…

Think of it this way.

I’m creating a game with a card that has 4gbs of VRAM.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that a player needs 4gbs of VRAM, but I push UE4 to use 4gbs of VRAM.

Now, this can easily confuse me.
If I push UE4 to use 4 gbs of VRAM the resulting creation may also use 4 gbs+ of VRAM because I was allowed that much while creating.

To put it simpler I may create something that uses 4gbs of VRAM indirectly because I’m pushing UE4 to the max (which is 4gbs of VRAM).

I was honestly trying to make it simpler to understand and I think I over-complicated it.

And no problem for the card suggestion.

Good luck and never give up,

~ Jason

@ BillDStrong
@ Jason Wanderer
thank you both very much for your detailled explanations!!

it´s a long way to go :wink:

@ 94
i will check this card !
thank you!

@ all

let me say, that this community is real GREAT and unbelievable helpful…



No problem.

Let me know if you need additional help.

~ Jason

thanks Jason!