Wich cpu should i go for ue5?

I want to build a pc both for gaming and game dev with unreal.For now I plan to buy a ryzen 7 3700x to pair with my rtx 2070.Do you think this is a good CPU to buy?

For the projects,I will to small to big 3d games.

I have an ancient R7 2700x and it performs pretty well especially in UE5. I even limit number of cores available to editor.

In recent years AMD processors have been able to reach performance levels higher than Intel processors so if you wanted something really powerful then you’d want an AMD processor. However, if there’s ever any bugs or compatibility issues then it’s going to be AMD processors that have them, for example Windows 11 recently released and it’s got a bug that’s reducing performance on a range of newer AMD processors. There’s also certain features in some programs that are available if you have an Intel processor. So while you have a choice of getting a more powerful processor if you choose AMD if you aren’t getting one of those I’d recommend getting an Intel CPU, look at benchmarks and find which one is around the same performance as the AMD 3700x and get the comparable Intel CPU.