Why you should bring back Material Displacement Feature

  1. The current displacement method is extremely time consuming. Developers must select individual meshes to apply displacement. Instead of UE4 feature to create a material that displaces all buildings its assigned to.

  2. The modeling editing mode for displacement also does not synch well with the materials displacement map. Compared to UE4 world displacement in the material editor.

  3. Although nanite static mesh’s populating the terrain gives depth and looks amazing…if it is used in combination with world displacement the landscape is brought to life to a higher degree, also less nanite meshes are needed reducing performance.

  4. With UE4’s LOD system I can use just as many static mesh’s to populate the terrain as nanite and use world displacement to further push the realism, while achieving higher frame rates. Nanite is more of a time saver and update to auto LOD. However this does not mean we should remove WORLD DISPLACEMENT.

Overall making the engine more user friendly is idea. However removing functionalities is extremely dangerous because it makes the engine less functional leading to more of a engine that is a “game” and not a “developer” platform that we can customize.