Why would my Axis mapping firing when I am not moving?

HI All

I have put a Print-String at the end of my movement Nodes.


But it just keeps firing, but my character is not moving, nor am I pressing a button.


I am using the Hand Glider map produced by UE4.

Any help would be great.


Your Axis Value will be 0 if there is no current input.

Any deviation from this value will indicate that input has occurred.

Where would I look for this.

Have trekked about the settings and can no find it. Any suggestions?



What DevilsD is saying is that the Axis Event “InputAxis MoveForward” will fire every tick, regardless of input or not. This is normal. If there is no input then the “Axis Value” port on the node will be 0, but it will still fire the event.

Hi Guys

Cheers, got it.