Why WorldSettings->GameMode is overriden by ProjectSettings->GameMode in standalone app?

Why do i have to setup GameMode in Project settings, if i already did it inside WorldSettings?
I thought WorldSettings should override ProjectSettings, but not otherwise.

Why this happens?

As a result, i have differently running PIE and standalone, if i forgot to setup GameMode in project settings.

Or maybe WorldSettings have to be used only inside Editor, not in game?

Hi ,

Which version of the editor are you currently using? I tested this in 4.4.3 and it seems to be working as intended (World Settings overrides project settings in standalone mode). Do you have any specific repro steps I can try?

I was using 4.4.1.
Hmmm, sry, very strange i could not also repro this again…
I even tryed both Editor-Launch and Package Project…

Perhaps that was my fault from very beginning. I close topic.