Why won't this network video/ video URL open/load?

Hey everyone I’ve been struggling with this problem that probably has a simple solution, but I haven’t yet been able to find it. I am using UE4.16.

I have a Stream Media Source that I want to use to open and play a media file from a network URL. This URL works just fine in chrome and I can access and playback the network media just fine with the URL.
Unfortunately, after using the same URL in a Stream Media Source I keep getting a warning that the file can’t be opened:


I don’t quite understand, why the file can’t be found. However, I tried to put quotes around the filename, just in case and I end up with a different error:

The [technical documentation][6] says that the videos should be H.264 MP4s for best compatibility and I have already re-encoded the video to match this, so at this point I’m not sure whether the problem is with the video file itself or with the URL that I’m trying to use, since this is my first stab at streaming media in Unreal. I’ve also tried to use the [sample streaming URL][7] that is provided in the documentation, and this HTML URL seems to work. Anybody understand what’s going on, or what I need to do to get this network media loaded and playing on the local machine running the project application? Thanks in advance.

Just a thing to note - the sample URL does not work on macOS :frowning:

You foemphasized textrgot to prefix your URL with //, which is required for shared folders on Windows. The following should work: