Why won't my Brushes delete in the packaged game?

I have a game where the road disappears behind you as you walk. The road is a stair brush, and in levelblueprint i set the lifespan of the brush = it should get deleted after the lifespan is over.

When i play the game in the editor, it deletes the bush but make a huge freeze when it does it, the biggest problem is that when i play the packaged game they wont get delete, only props get deleted in the packaged version. This is obviostly a bug but is there any way i can fix it?

sorry for bad english

Hey iwekzy -

Builder Brushes are primarily used for level prototyping which is why they work in the Play from Editor mode but do not work in the packaged game. There is a workaround for this if you are happy with the Brushes and do not want to change them out for a modeled version. Under each of the Brushes’ detail panels >> Brush settings you can create Static mesh which will prompt you to save the brush as a Static mesh which can be deleted and given a lifespan at run time.

Please note though you will have to go into the Static Mesh editor and give them UV unwrap for them to show up correctly in the editor. The preferred way of doing this however is to model in an actual modeling program based off of your brush prototype and replace them that way.

Hope this helps you out
-Eric Ketchum