Why won't my asset synchronize when using GoogleDrive?

Collaborative project - assets won’t synchronise

We are a team of 2 working on an architectural visualisation project. The project’s location is on a shared folder on google drive and drive syncs changes automatically. However, when one of us addds new assets to the project, the other cant see them when opening the map (gets a “can’t find asset” error); but it works fine the other way around. The files sync just fine in Google Drive, they are all there. We are both using 4.3.1. Does anyone have a clue as to why this happens?

Hi VladV,

When sharing builds I would recommend using systems that are setup for version control like Perforce or Subversion.

[You can find more information in this topic being discussed on the forums.][1]

Some things to consider with GoogleDrive would be if it is overwriting all files with the latest build you load or is it only overwriting some? It would seem there is something in the way GoogleDrive is handling the files rather than UE4. If you upload a separate folder with the complete project for your team member to use does this cause an issue as well?


[1]: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?3972-How-to-work-on-the-same-project-with-muliple-computers


We did used perforce.

We realized that we need an online server with big storage to keep UE4 always accessible. This implies some kind of costs that we can’t afford for this small testing team.

Also, i believe that in a team of only two it is a little inefficient to always check in and out especially that we can easily agree not to work in the same time on the same map.

So we switched back to Google drive.

About google drive, i think we did not had this problem in the earlier versions of UE4.

Thank you for your answer.
I will write back after testing a little more.

Thanks for the detailed response. That is certainly appreciate!

That’s interesting that the problem was not happening before with it. Please let me know your findings. I’ve not heard of anyone else using GoogleDrive as a version control substitute. I’ll do some testing on my end and see if I can get the same results.

I’ve just setup a 4.2 and a 4.3 build to test this with a newly setup GoogleDrive folder. I’ll get back to you soon with my results.


I just noticed that new assets just do not sync neither way… this is really bad :(. We didn’t had this problem before.

So after few testing, our solution in using Google drive is to always save the map as a new file

ex: MapName_Date_V01.umap

We don’t know for sure if the problem is with the UE4 launcher or with Google Drive Sync.
I think both in combination…

*we deleted the original map so now when we open the project we get the default untitled.umap no matter with what map we close the engine - a map selection before opening the project would be useful.

me and a friend want to work together, and we both have the same idea to use google drive to synchro our project files (running perforce on a online server for 2 people is not the best solution). So my question is, does this problem still exists with 4.7?