Why won't my ammospawner work? It won't generate ActorBeginOverlap Events for some reason.

This is the code I have implemented. I have the flag for bGenerateOverlapEvents on for my mesh and all components involved, so I don’t know why it isn’t working. What am I missing?

attach print string after actor overlap node and test.

if the “hello” shows then your actor is overlapping it and your coding is wrong

why not make a collision box instead of overlapping the static mesh? what if the static mesh collision settings blocks the character lol?

I think that’s the problem, could be your static mesh blocks the pawn therefore no overlapping occurs

I agree, check the collision settings of the mesh. Adding a box collision may be easier to handle the overlap events. This tutorial may help with troubleshooting the overlap issues as well.

Hey! I wanted to revisit this thread in case anyone else had the same issue.

This fixed my issue entirely; I since went back and reviewed collision interaction, and saw that this was exactly the case here. I just made a collision box and set up the parameters such that it generated overlap events on the player, and it worked out perfectly.