Why wont my AI Enemy won't punch?

I have a ThirdPersonCharacter that punch and kick. I made a child of that and named it AI. I made AI into an AI character by hooking it up. Now the AI moves and chases the TPC. The thirdpersonChat can punch and kick to damage and kill the AI. I watched a tutorial video to make the AI Punch and Kick but its not working. I hooked it up like on the video but nothing. It chases and does everything except punch and kick. For some reason its like the behavior tree is not firering. I will attach all the screenshoots of everything dealing with the AI character. How do I get him to play the punch and kick? Also how do I get the AI to only punch and kick and do damage to only the thirdpersoncharacter and not other AI? Thank you. I hope I explained that right.

Hey buddy have you tried adding some breakpoints into your code, perhaps your punch task is going to false

??? Im not sure what you mean. Add them where exactly? Can you show me an example of what code/ node to add the breakpoints? I think it is definitely the punch task since the chase player and everything else works. Im not sure where and why exactly its not working. I really appreciate it. This is definitely my final problem to get over.

Okay so. I got the AI to punch threw the behavior tree. But for some reason it wont kick or energy attack. I plugged everything up the same way but no luck. My guess is that in the BP editor punch is set up threw action event but kick and energy are directly threw the L and K button. I think thats the problem but how do i get both other two to work threw action mapping?