Why wont most blueprint types support input?

I would like to know why blueprints such as the actor class and basically every other blueprint type that i can find refuses to allow me to have input. I cannot do anything with input not even with the controller type blueprint. Is this by design or is there something wrong with my build?

If it is by design how could I find a work around so that I can have things triggered by inputs. Would blueprint interfaces be a good way to go, i have tried without much success?

Do you have Auto Receive Input set to Player 0 in the BP’s Defaults tab?

This also works.

Hi Aeson,

On your blueprints, create a system of nodes like so:

Begin play → Enable Input (Connect to Get Player Controller)


I’m not sure if this is the best way of doing it, but you should now be able to receive input on that blueprint. The blueprint tutorial in the documentation only covers this briefly.