Why won't code compile on Mac?

I’m following the Intro to Programming tutorial for UE4. I’m on a MBP running Mavericks. I’ve had trouble compiling UE4 from source so I’ve downloaded UnrealEngine-1.2.1-2068268.dmg instead and installed it fine. I get to the part of the tutorial that ‘add code to project’ > actor. It opens in Xcode 5 no problem. After adding the code from the tutorial and try to build it says ‘Build failed’. The log is attached.link text

Hi basheps,

Are you referring to this YouTube video? If so, there have been some changes to how UE4 processes UPROPERTY specifiers since the video was originally created. We just recently added some annotations to the video that show the correct code to use in the two locations where the code will no longer work correctly in the current version of UE4. I am not sure if the annotations would have already been in the video when you watched it, but if you watch it now you will see them. Use the code in the annotations instead of what was originally in the video and you will have no problem building the project.

That tutorial is buggus, you not first to fell for it :stuck_out_tongue:

/Users/basheps/Coding/Unreal Projects/Burgur/Source/Burgur/Powerup.h(15) : Error: In Powerup: Found more than one edit/visibility specifier (VisibleDefaultsOnly), only one is allowed

…unlike tutorial suggest you can use either VisibleDefaultsOnly or EditDefaultsOnly in UPROPERTY, not both is same time. Visible will make your property read only in property editors (in this case Defaults editor) , Edit will make it editable. So remove one of them, whatever you want it to be editable or not in editor.

Also try to read and understand (and tha 2nd you will need to learn if you plan to code in C++) the logs yourself, as you can see error message describes whats wrong, even pointing the line where the problem (in this case line 15).