Why won’t Android export?

I was at first able to export my game on my windows pc to android.

I Exported and Published the first version.
I then spent 4 hours doing some work only to find that when i tried to export again,
It would refuse to work.

It just errors with:
E:/Unreal Engine/UE_4.26/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Public\Android/AndroidPlatformMisc.h(221,39): error: reference to enumeration must use ‘enum’ not ‘enum class’ [-Welaborated-enum-class)

Ive tried commenting out that line in the file, ive tried switching enum class to enum and none of those work.

(And it says 4.26 as i updated in the hopes that’d fix it it, in which, nope.)

If anyone knows anything, please help-
oh and that’s cool- i just reloaded the page and the product version went from 4.26 Preview to 4.26 as the top option