Why widgets duplicates on each client?

Hi there.

I’m creating an inventory widget for my character in a multiplayer game. I have a situation here that I’ll explain with this photos.

1- In my pickup blueprint I told to Player State to set Inventory.

2- In Player State I added InventoryWidget to screen.

3- In Inventory Widget I used Tick event to get Inventory from Player State.

This works correctly and I have this result when I hit the Pickup.


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But I don’t want to use event Tick for a widget so I tried using Custom Events.
This is the changed that I have in these three blueprints.

Unfortunately the result isn’t the same and I have two widgets duplicates on each other which means the Add To View runs twice.


I did every possible situations with Custom Events replication and I put is local controller before of widget creation but still the same. So can anyone please help me with this?
Thanks alot

To keep question up!

I was able to fix it with “Is valid” player controller + “Is local player controller” check right before creating a widget and adding it to viewport. Sorry, have no idea why it’s not working in your case. Mb it will be usefull to smb else here tho.