Why when I import my landscape then auto landscape paint it. it is already over texture streaming limit?

So, here’s the deal, I am running UE5 Prev2. Computer specs are :

-Ryzen Threadripper 2950x
-64gb DDR4
-nVidia 2080ti
-Win 10 Pro

What happens is I import my large open world landscape (Height Resolution 8072x8072, 255x255 quads, 1x1 section, 32x32 components, 8161x8161 overall res, total components 1024), then I add my auto material. When I add my auto material and paly the level it already says I am over my streaming texture budget ( I am using 2k textures), and yes I know I can change my Texture streaming budget, and have done so. but it just seems like it shouldn’t be using all those resources already before I even put down any vegetation. Let alone houses and structures. To be fair I am quite new to Unreal and unreal 5 so I am aware it could certainly be my landscape? or maybe I am missing some settings I should be playing with? Maybe Auto materials shouldn’t be used? Also when I drag in ocean water to the map it basically just crashes, and give me the “Gpu or d3d device has been removed or crashed” Any help would be appreciated. If you need other info I am quite willing to give you what you may need. Thanks in advance.

Is your full landscape loaded? I mean in world partition are all the cells loaded? If so, that would be a large demand on resources at once. So right click and unload all cells, then just highlight the few around where you are working and load them.
I had similar issues when adding the ocean around it too, got a lot of out of memory issues and I was like wtf can’t be.
I recently captured what I have learned for my own benefit and placed on youtube.

It is in three parts, and goes through some issues in real time LOL!
Hope it helps you.

What iteration of UE5 are you using? Because at least with the water. I followed all the things you did here, and still could not get it to work correctly. So when all is said and done it looks like I have a consistent plane of water above my head

I am using the 5.0.0 release version.
I have had that happen before as well. I don’t recall what fixed it. I am sure that you have tried many things, but did you try unloading all cells from the world partition and then reloading the cells around your water actors? If I can get it to reproduce again I can make a note about how I got rid of it.

Sometimes an engine restart works especially if you are maxing out on memory. I think the editor has issues with releasing memory overtime.

Let me know if you find something as well.

I did try all of this, and it is seemingly something to do with Water Body Ocean. But cant seem to figure it out…

So, I have been trying to break this, and in the process I managed to have two separate Water Body Ocean actors in scene. For a while it was even in an unloaded cell and was very difficult to delete. Perhaps you have some stray waterbody actors present.

Maybe try to build a new landscape as I did, and see if it occurs again, or re-do yours in a new blank level.

It is very frustrating to say the least. It is still experimental plugin. I was thinking to just add a simple plane single layer water actor for now, and continue with other efforts until some more work is done on this.

So I managed to ‘make’ a view that looks like yours using a Plane and applying the Water_Material_Ocean to it.

Here are the settings.

Maybe that can help you find the rogue actor in your scene.