Why weekly releases?

Every week, more amazing content is released onto the Unreal Marketplace, but it’s only a few packs at a time. My question is, why is there so little released every week, while there are many different packs ready to be released?

I have to agree with you here, especially if you look on the Trello section “In Marketplace Queue” There are 40 different content packs that have been voted into the queue, but certain ones (for example the Road surface materials pack is still there, it was added to Trello just a few days after the marketplace opened.

There are many items I have been waiting to purchase, but are all still waiting in queue. Can we get daily releases or weekly releases with 10-15 items? They seem to be arriving in marketplace in groups of 3-4 asset packs, and a couple of music packs, when there are so many other ones that should be up by now.

Just my 2 cents, have a look at Trello here, the 2nd to last column on the right that shows “In Marketplace Queue” here: Trello

The marketplace content releases are dictated by a few things that are not obvious on the trello board.

We have a team that checks every asset pack to make sure it meets a quality standard. This causes a holdup, but at the same time guarantees that we are not flooded with improperly made content. A lot of things that are waiting for approval require some form of change by the content’s owner. We have very strict standards. For example, poorly built UV maps, jittery animations or rough looking models may cause something to not be approved immediately. We talk with the creator and tell them what we would need to see changed in order for it to appear on our marketplace. We also have a lot of similar content being submitted, so we have to pick and choose what would be the most well received.

There is work being done to make this faster and easier, while also avoiding allowing anyone to directly submit their content without quality assurance. It’s a balancing act that we intend to master with time. I’ll have our marketplace guy drop in and talk about the process in more detail.

Maybe add a column to the Trello board that says something like “Sent back for adjustments”. Of course the title would need to be a lot nicer and more politically correct, but they don’t pay me the big bucks :smiley:

Well if this is true for every item you release on the marketplace, then you need to warn your team that they let this mess slip through their quality control:

I wanted to add on to Alexander’s statement with another quick point - Placing items in the Trello Marketplace queue does not imply a release date. We made that column visible to give some insight into what’s “on deck.” There are a few steps that need to happen once an item goes into that queue - gaining legal clearance, getting the files, final approval, bug fixing, etc. The process takes time and requries back and forth with each developer and multiple teams here. We’re also balancing back end and engine improvements while getting these items out each week. As Alexander said, we’ll continue to improve and speed the process as we go. We’ll consider ways to make this more visible as we refine the pipeline of getting things to Marketplace, so please keep sending the feedback to make the experience better!

We care deeply about quality over quantity, and will probably always have some level of review delay involved. That said, we, like you, want to get as much content out there as quickly as possible! We’re bound to have a few items slip through our reviews or QA, but we’ll work with you and the developers to update as quickly as we can… If you find problems with an asset pack, please let the developer know - we put support info on every asset pack we post. If you don’t get the answers you need, let us know!

Thanks for the info!