Why we do not participate in Discount Sales...

Because, It is not fair to our Customers who purchased at full retail price. We will only add more features and if necessary increase pricing of our products. We want to know your thoughts on this position. Please share.

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I could also argue that the discount sales allow people who normally couldn’t afford your products, especially in poorer countries, to buy them. I’ve personally had people ask me when things are going to go on sale so they can afford to pick stuff up (I normally just tell them to wait patiently).

Either way, it’s your choice whether or not to participate. Either option doesn’t make you a hero or villain.

Inflation, exchange rates, taxes, purchasing power, personal income and circumstance pretty much all dictate that the true cost of a product will not be the same between two people even if they ostensibly paid the same “price”. The marginal utility of a dollar in savings is not the same for a person making minimum wage as a person with a 6 figure income.

It also creates incentive dilemmas for marketplace developers; Suppose someone offers a new competing product for a lower price, do you keep your price the same and lose future sales? With diminished future sales there is less to justify updating or improving your product for your existing customers.

That being said, none of this really has any bearing on how customers actually feel about their purchase. Certainly it is normal for people to feel like they got ripped off if they purchase something at full price only to have it go on sale shortly after.

Sellers will often try to hide this by price discrimination (where you pay a lot more to get a marginally better product, such as phones with different storage levels) or by simply running perpetual sales so that people always feel like they got a good deal, even if they might have gotten a slightly better deal if they had waited. Some retailers will even automatically credit you the difference if a product goes on sale shortly after you buy it.

It’s up to you how you want to handle pricing but I don’t think this is as simple as just saying “sales are unfair to people who paid full price”