Why was Media Player Auto Play Option Removed?

All this promotion for arch viz… i learn the engine, pulling my hair out… all because an “auto play” tick box was removed… The engine is now useless to my entire 2 months worth of effort gone into a project because it won’t play a simple mp4 file on a screen in standalone game… useless for arch viz… time to give up on this engine…

Auto Play option was causing some issues from what i heard, that’s why they removed it. But what you need to do to make a media texture play won’t take you more than half a minute to be honest. Just create a Media Player variable inside your level BP and set your Media Player asset in it. Then just get the Play node and plug it to Event Begin Play.

Good luck getting that to play in standalone mode…

Well actually it plays even in a packaged project. You must be missing something else.

I tried this in new project 4.11 and it does now work in a packaged project (still didn’t work in a standalone game window which is odd). Still not able to get it to work in my current project but at least now i know it can work.

Keep in mind that preview releases aren’t reliable and may have bugs that may break your project. I’m using 4.9 but i havent tested this in standalone mode so i dont know if this is a bug or not, but, if you are able to test this in a non-preview version and it works there then feel free to report this issue in AnswerHub as a bug report for 4.11.

Hi Jacky, thank you. I think there may be a bug, i will make sure either way withing next couple of days, I’ll also make a video tutorial for the blueprint.