why Vs2015 using "Tegra-Android " instead of "Win32" ??

why and how ue4 git version garbing “Development_Game Tegra-Android” instead of “XXXX_Development_Program Win32” ?

basically i have 2 pc.

in 1st one,
everything working fince bcz VS2015 was using “XXX_Development_Program Win32”.

but in 2nd one,
i dont know why it was using “Development_Game Tegra-Android”. which was causing hundreds of errors .
who to change solution configuration from “Development_Game Tegra-Android” to “XXX_Development_Program Win32”

[FONT=Arial Black]1st pc:

2nd pc:

Do you have Nvidia CUDA or Digits installed?

most got installed with gpu driver?

it turns out that it gets installed with android codeworks.

yup. uninstalling that solved the problem. thanks for saving another day from this misery

but the errors still happening:

try regenerating visual studio project…
if that does not help, delete the intermediate folder, then re-generate.

i did another try today. still the same problem.
moreover i did a clean reinstall of git version of ue4 and re-installed android codeworks again. but still the same errors

Your solution explorer shows a totally different project list on second device. Sure you re-generated your vs project?