Why version compiled from github differs from same launcher's version?

[UE 5.0.1]
Development Editor Win64 VS2022Community Windows 10.
compiled from github source code with VS2022 has different size editor’s DLLs (opposed to same version installed from launcher).
Also “Lyra” project not compatible with “github” compiled version, and needs to “convert-in-place”.
Do i need some extra compile options? or i just cant have the same compiled files as launcher version have? Epics have some different engine compile pipeline? Is it bug or feature? Because i have to convert all UE5 projects/samples, while having UE5.

Probably DLLs may differ because of (maybe) slightly different VS2022/compiler versions between me and epics. It doesn’t explain though, why should i always convert all marketplace projects/samples for self-compiled engine version, if it should be compatible anyway, even for slightly different compiler versions(?), because there’s no full recompile of engine, if i am self-compiling project created by launcher’s version. But probably that was made for case.

The launcher always has the last released version.
On github you get the really last developed version, except you look for older once.

No, i don’t use latest github (master) version. Im just using “https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases” latest version.

I found smth:
When i build projects it says: “Using Visual Studio 2019 14.29.30141 toolchain”. But i am building in VS2022 through VS2022 generated files and solution. But i have VS2019 installed though, may be thats a problem… I should delete VS2019 and try again.

I don’t remember which version of Windows 10 SDK i had in vs2019, but according to (Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation), that should be exact 10.0.18362, but i doubt it. Maybe someday i will test that too, but now, i compiled UE with VS2022 toolchain (Windows 10 SDK 10.0.19041.0, default), with manual install .net 4.5, and its working as before, i.e. marketplace samples still requires converting, but now at least i have only one version of visual studio.

Actually that’s my first concern about deterministic compiling ever (just because of that project conversions), most likely that’s normal to have non-deterministic builds for ue C++, let it be so.

Here’s what i found so far:

I had shipping issues with VS2022, for instance: Visual Studio Feedback

As mentioned in UnrealBuildTool.MicrosoftPlatformSDK.PreferredWindowsSdkVersions, currently preferred version is 18362, so even if i have newer version it picks exactly 18362 (if its installed). Also VS2019 compiler preferred and used, VS2022 is preferred only for solution creation and code editing i suppose.

Even if i use “preferred” versions, projects still not compatible between self-compiled version and launcher’s version. There’s no shipping compiling issues at least.

I will just keep using “preferred” versions, until epics will perform other/newer preferred versions. I need both 2019 (for toolchain) and 2022 (for code editing, faster intellisense) visual studios installed.