why use github

hello everyone

i’am new to UE 4 and see the tutorial to learn the engine and i like it a lot

but i still don’t know why everyone talk about github and why i should need it and whats the different between it and Epic Games Launcher version

Hey and welcome to the forums!

In general, you don’t need the Github Version.

Github is a place where you can host your code and also perform some basic Source Control
together with GIT. Epic Games has the whole Source Code for the Engine up on there Github account.

You are fine using the Launcher version for now. It is a precompiled version of the Engine. You only need
the Source if you need to change something in the Source. Which means changing a class that Epic Games
already made for you, because it’s maybe missing something that you need.

In most cases, this is way more advanced stuff and for the beginning you don’t need to think about it.
If you ever run into a problem and you need to download the Source to fix something, then you can still
swap out the Engine Version you are using for your Project. So you don’t loose something from starting
with the Launcher Version.

Source Builds can also be useful if you need a fix applied that Epic has not yet applied, but someone made a
good Pull Request (which is a change of code that someone offers Epic) of. Then you could apply it yourself
and keep on developing.

But yeah, again, in general you are fine with the Launcher Version for the beginning.


Why not Microsoft Team Foundation Server; Git, BitBucket or Subversion 。◕_ ◕。


thank you so much you really get my point exactly
as a starter this forum look what forums build for :wink: