Why use a "real" FPP instead of a TPP and FPP?

Only been using Unreal Engine for about 2 weeks now…

Perhaps the question isn’t worded as well as it could be, but I created my “own” version of a 1st person view by snapping the camera into the head of a standard 3rd person mesh (I actually made a nice system to “zoom in” and “zoom out” from 1st to 3rd person using this method).

Then I noticed several others created tutorials on how to do this, so I thought hey - I must be on to something…

Then I started looking thru code examples, and official “Unreal” tutorials and noticed that they have a tendency to show a 1st person view of just the arms, and the 3rd person view is the entire body. So that got me to thinking, if the official unreal tutorials are showing it this way, then maybe my way (“our” way as a collective group of people doing the camera in body thing) is a bad idea?

What’s your thoughts on this… I haven’t gotten very far into my prototype, perhaps there is a problem that will arise that I haven’t foreseen yet.

There is never one way to do something. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, in Shooter Game, the rest of the body is not visible when looking down. But in my game, I want the player to see their body when they look down. If you don’t necessarily need that, then you could go with using an arm mesh for the first person view.
By including the rest of the body in first person, it adds to the immersion. There is one problem that could possibly arise, but it is very easy to fix. When attaching the camera to the skeletal mesh’s head, you may be able to see parts of the mesh’s head when looking around. This can be fixed by either moving the camera forward so that the head does not come into view, or by making the head separate (or just removing it completely) from the body, attach it to the head socket, and having the owner (the player) not see it. Hope I answered your question and good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

Not sure what the video is, but it says it’s private.

Sorry about that! I thought I made it public. It’s public now though. It’s a video of FPP in my game. :smiley: