Why unreal not Support TIF and DDS format image?

Why unreal not Support TIF and DDS format image?

I hope use this format image…

I hate Convert.

Unreal does support DDS files, I’ve imported them plenty of times.

As for TIF files. TIF is easily my favorite format to work with because it’s little or no compression depending on if you use LZW compression or not. However, because TIF files don’t compress information they take up a massive amount of space in comparison to formats like DDS and Targa. A 4k 16-bit TIF image can often take up more than 100MB of HDD space, while the same image saved as an 8-bit Targa file will come in at a drastically lower space requirement, I’d like to say it’s usually around 40MB,but I’m not sure off the top of my head. Even with the extra compression that UE4 does to textures on import, it would still take more time for UE4 to compress the data from a much larger file than it would be to simply resave that file as a Targa or PNG.

There are many image batch conveters, I usualy use photoshop’s script: “Image Processor”.

one key benefit of using TIF is Windows 10 has native support for TIF’s thumbnails but for TGA. seems like small thing but it helps. I would happily spend 100mb per texture without need for using app to see what file is what texture.

Not sure if it works for Win 10, but in my Win 7 I use Sage-Thumbs to view TGA thumbnails

Works like a charm :smiley:



Also, from a programming point of view, I like the TGA because of its trivial 18 byte header…

cool app, TY!!!

I just drop my PSDs into the import directly. Unreal can read PSDs, assuming you turn on “max compatibility” when saving.
This is highly convenient!