why unreal engine marketplace too so long ? (10-15 days for approval)

i want to sell my mesh, however the approval take a lot of time, and worse. that payout come in 45 days.

is it really profitable selling in unreal engine (by term of time and money generated) ? or should i go to unity ?

how many buyer in unreal engine ?

are they going to decline nowadays ?

10-15 days sounds reasonable to me.

5 days would be better. 10-15 days is not reasonable, but what can we do it’s a private company :slight_smile:

No it is not; but can be used as a “cover letter” when you look for a job and people ask you what you do…

When I get paid freelance positions, most of the time it’s because somebody took a look at what I was selling on UE4 Marketplace or Unity Asset Store then they get in touch.

Sell on both, here and Unity. Look at post #61 for an idea of sales. How many people typically buy marketplace items? - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Hopefully they’re doing more testing than they’ve done in past. Take a month if that’s what it takes to not release broken stuff.

10-15 days is more than reasonable.
there are dozens of packs submitted each day so they need time to go trough all of them, and then there are other daily tasks as well.
back in the day (god I feel old now) it sometimes took months. so 10-15 days feels like an episode of the flash for us oldtimers.

I looked at your assets and it appears that they have many reviews. You must be getting alot of sales from them. Yet your saying that the marketplace is not very profitable. I was planning on really getting into the marketplace and making lots of assets. So this makes me very worried.

I agree that the waiting period is too long. The Unity store does this too. Its a pain to wait over 2 weeks right after your eager to get a new model selling.

I absolutely would never quit my job to work on Marketplace full-time, given actual results…

It’s not enough to pay monthly bills so yeah, it isn’t “profitable”.
Meanwhile there’s companies living off of Unity asset store :slight_smile:

Are you sure? The sales right now may not be enough to pay bills every month but the accumulation overtime could be. If you had alot more products then it might start to work.

And when you make a new product, it will just stay on there and be a passive income source forever, without you having to do anything : D

LOL Good luck with that.
You have no idea how much extra work it is to provide “support” for new users, from complete beginners to enterprise using your stuff…

And keeping everything up to date with latest engine releases is far WAY FAR from “passive income” and “doing nothing”.

i have my reasons to do it, but that’s not why I make plugins at all. In fact for each one I published there’s like 20 I never will…

I think its harder because your selling code. I could imagine there are lots of support request, questions, and frequent updates. For 3d models its different. They usually don’t need technical support, or upgrading.

Yeah that’s true.

However model sellers also have to frequently deal with unreasonable requests (demands) which made me decide to never sell any models there.
Look at a few top seller character pages and you’ll see what I mean.