Why Unreal Engine is not so popular in VR development?


I am a beginner in VR development.

I like more the Unreal Engine than Unity because it has better graphics.

I want to ask why Unreal Engine is so much less used in VR development than Unity?

Because it is harder to learn? It does not have so much support like it is said on internet?

Thank you!

I think you’ll find it’s VR development that’s so not popular.

They ( people trying to make money ), have been trying to get VR, AI, AR, 3DTV and everything else off the ground since sometime in the mid 60s. And it’s still not happening! :slight_smile:

( Ok, AI a bit, but it’s still not the terminator ).

I think VR will get there in the end, but for now, it’s still let’s play ‘chase the cube around the plane’…

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Because of these Reasons : 1. Unity Dominance: Unity was historically more associated with VR development and had many early VR experiences built on its engine.
2. Ease of Use and Learning Curve**: Some developers found Unity’s interface and scripting language (C#) more approachable and easier to learn than Unreal Engine’s interface and scripting language (C++).
3. Hardware Compatibility: Unity initially had better support for certain VR devices and platforms, making it more attractive for developers targeting specific VR hardware.
4. Community and Resources: Unity had a well-established development community with forums, tutorials, and asset stores, contributing to its popularity in VR development.
5. Misconceptions: Misconceptions or outdated information about Unreal Engine’s VR capabilities might have discouraged some developers from choosing it.
6. Performance Concerns: In the past, there were concerns about Unreal Engine’s performance in VR due to its robust graphical capabilities, though it has since made significant optimizations.