Why ue use a Internet connection?

Hi all, sorry for my bad english. I have now for view month do working with ue and its sucks. I have testing my Problem with blank tp BP and with project with 10GB and more. The RAM was after time overloadet. But the biggest Problem are the Lags if the Internet connection on. The ue hangs for minutes then. If i disconnect from the Internet the hang stops and i can work fine. Why the ue use the Internet if i programming in IT? What does he send? I must every hour, close the Engine and restart the project. Then the Engine rund with 2-3 GB RAM. If i do nothing in it the Engine use more and more RAM after 30 minutes 10 GB RAM. With a blank TP project. Only if the Internet Connection is on! If i disconnect the RAM goes down after short Time and all fine. IT is verry Bad. What does the ue track of my PC datas and put it in the RAM and send IT over Internet? I Know that every one looks for datas on PC and use IT for Statistic but the ue Do it very Bad if he Fills the RAM with this data and send it Then with 500 Byte. I have test IT with a Server that Only have the ue installed and there the RAM doesnt fill up with the same project. I have fun with ue but not if He Do that. Have other the Problem to?