Why touch input acts differently than mouse on mouse button double click?

Hi there,

So I’m building an app for presentations mostly based on widgets. On double click widgets are supposed to zoom in/out by using animation. Everything is fine when I use mouse. Using touch display displaces slides when zooming out though. Basically, it’s an overwritten On mouse double click function with a branch which checks whether the current widget is zoomed in or not(image 1). Slide zooms in to the position of cursor, and this is working fine with touch as well. Just on double tap to zoom out it acts differently than mouse double click and weirdly sets positions of canvas slot, even if there are only two floats with anchor position. If I tap in the lower right corner of a screen a slide travels way off in the opposite direction, upper left, revealing game space behind it(image 2). Apart from that touch input works well with panning and all of the interactions. Is it a bug?